Keeping the Fridge Cool

It’s cool to have the original fridge that came with the trailer. It is better when the fridge works! I rebuilt the back of the fridge to keep it going a couple of years ago and it has gone strong – until this weekend.  The fridge lit, but it didn’t get cold. I worked on the fridge this weekend and found a critical problem – the Klixon valve tounge broke and fell into the flame. I needed a new valve, but they are impossible find. 

I ended up making a tounge for the valve. It is important that the valve still work because it cuts off the propane if the flame goes out. You know this by a “click” when it heats up and cools down. That part worked, the tounge just broke off.

I made a new tounge out of stainless steel and attached it using a stainless hose clamp. It works great and I still have the original fridge!