Flange Frustration


I am having some frustration with a toilet flange. I have discovered the floor under the black tank is rotten. Unfortunately, I need to remove the toilet to get to the flange; remove the flange to get to the wet bath fiberglass; remove the fiberglass to get to the black tank; and remove the black tank to get to the rotten floor. The flange is meant to spin off but it is made out of cast iron and is rusted solid. It will be out by this weekend.

The Water Heater Dilemma

Water Heater on the Way Out

Water Heater on the Way Out

The water heater is out! The last time it was out of the Airstream was when it was installed over 50 years ago. I am still deciding if I will put it back in as the previous owner didn’t use it and said it leaked. I seamed to hold water, but it is old! I will need to continue working on it. Most people recommend replacing the heater at this point.