Double Bed in a 16 Foot Trailer?

Somehow, based on my Bambi’s serial number, it was supposed to have a double bed. I don’t know how the goucho could expand that far but I wanted to try. After many attempts, I found wood slides that collapsed to 20 inches and expand to 50 inches. Using the cushions, slides, and a sliding platform, I made it!

Window oops

I broke a window. Don’t want to say why. My window is a hallmark 12 which where only used in the early 60’s. I removed the old trim, cleaned out the butyl tape, put in new butyl tape and trim and it is done!

Finished window
Old butyl tape
Clean butyl channel
Installing trim

I got my parts from and

I Smell Propane

I went camping in Lake Tahoe over Labor Day with friends. The good news is my 60 year old fridge, with my homemade fix, got down to 20 degrees! The bad news is we smelled propane. I bought a propane sensor, got a bottle of soapy water, and went to work. The sensor started screaming at one of the T joints under trailer. I saw a kink in one of the joints where it joined the T. I pulled off the copper line, cut off the end, and put a new flair on the end. I retested and no leak! Here is the propane sensor. Techamor Y201 Portable Methane Propane Combustible Natural Gas Leak Sniffer Detector

Camping at Lake Tahoe!
End of pipe that I cut off with pinhole.

Charging Off the Grid

I camp many places that don’t have electricity. I usually charge my phone, watch, and iPad through my tow vehicle. The last time I camped I drained my car battery. In search of another solution, Rachel at harps recommended using a marine charger on my battery box. This is what I did.

New Old Stock

My bathroom light was falling down. It also was a little worse for wear. I tried to clean it up while I rewired it. It was looking pretty good, but the lens was cracked. In the middle of the process, I was wondering if I could get a new one. I only install like items when I take a part out of the trailer to maintain the original look. The light is no longer made, but when I went on eBay, there was one for sale from New Old Stock – NOS. This a a new part from an old stock of parts that aren’t made anymore.

Old light

New light installed.

Sealing Holes with Rivets


When I installed the license plate holder, it had a hole left over from the old unit.


I used an olympic rivet that leaves a tongue.


You cut the tongue off with wire cutters.


and … find off the top fo the rivet. This rivet doesn’t have the hole in the middle, so no water can get through it!