New Old Stock

My bathroom light was falling down. It also was a little worse for wear. I tried to clean it up while I rewired it. It was looking pretty good, but the lens was cracked. In the middle of the process, I was wondering if I could get a new one. I only install like items when I take a part out of the trailer to maintain the original look. The light is no longer made, but when I went on eBay, there was one for sale from New Old Stock – NOS. This a a new part from an old stock of parts that aren’t made anymore.

Old light

New light installed.

Get Your Shine On!

People always ask how I keep the trailer shiny – you have to shine it! My first camp out is in three weeks, so it was time to pull down the trailer and do the preseason shine. I use Metal Gloss polish with my Cyclo polisher. I saw it at a car show and it works well. You can also use Nuvite S.