Our windows are our view to the world, but sometimes they can get cranky – or uncranky and stuck. I found an easy fix. I got some 0000 Stella wool and sprayed a little silicone oil on it. Next, I cleaned out the channels after opening the window. Lastly, I sprayed the gear at the base of the arm. Now they work great. Use of silicone spray is key here because of it resistance to water – not regular WD40.

Keeping the Fridge Cool

It’s cool to have the original fridge that came with the trailer. It is better when the fridge works! I rebuilt the back of the fridge to keep it going a couple of years ago and it has gone strong – until this weekend.  The fridge lit, but it didn’t get cold. I worked on the fridge this weekend and found a critical problem – the Klixon valve tounge broke and fell into the flame. I needed a new valve, but they are impossible find. 

I ended up making a tounge for the valve. It is important that the valve still work because it cuts off the propane if the flame goes out. You know this by a “click” when it heats up and cools down. That part worked, the tounge just broke off.

I made a new tounge out of stainless steel and attached it using a stainless hose clamp. It works great and I still have the original fridge!

Even More Original

I always suspected my Bambi had a shelf above the front window because there was a strange piece of wood over it. The pictures show what it looked like before I did my exploring. Keep reading below  to see the result.

When I removed the wood, there was evidence of riveted holes where the shelf anchor was which meant I had to build a shelf! 

And so … There it is! It was not easy to build because of all the curves, but now the Bambi is even more original! 

Is It a Door or a Curtain … It’s a Magna-Fold Door! 

The Bambi has two “curtain doors” for the closet and the bathroom. The originals are made by Mausland Duran (see tag on curtain). You can also pick up non-originals from Anyway … The door/curtain has vertical rods that give it strength but the glue had given way after 60 years, so the rods were falling out. I tried to sew these in at first but it looked terrible and fell apart. I ended up laying the rod in the crease and hot gluing it. They came out great and I still have all my fingers! 

It’s Curtains


So my IKEA modified curtains just weren’t cutting it. I found some 60’s geometric patterned valences on Ebay and bought them. My good friend Brenda Janssen sewed on the backing and wallah! These curtains really change the look of the trailer and make it look more authentic. To be really authentic I would have to install orange curtains and cushions, but who wants to do that? On a side note, somehow, I have a lot of visitors from England – welcome!!

A Rose of an Axle

Airstreams have a unique axle. Starting in 1961, the durtorque axle became standard on all airstreams. Instead of springs, the axle is surrounded by large rubber bands inside a tube. Unfortunately, every 50 years or so, the rubber breaks down. With the help of Harps RV in Lincoln, Ca, the axle was replaced. New axle, brakes, and drums! Ready for another 50 years!