The Proper Plate

license plate raw license plate doneI wanted to have a true vintage plate that came with the trailer when it was new. In California, the plate on the 1961 was the 1956 plate with a 1961 sticker. I got a trailer plate off of ebay (above) and cleaned it up. I then repainted it with Old Caterpillar Yellow paint. I used sharpie for the black letters. I took the plate to our DMV and registered it in the Year of Manufacture (YOM) program. After it was approved, I put the plate on the back of the trailer!

Raise Your Tongue

My tongue jack was very hard to turn so I thought about replacing it. Unfortunately, the replacements on the market are shorter (don’t extend as far) as the original. I toved the jack, turned it upside down, and used PB buster on it. It works so much better now! 

The Search for Silver

I needed to paint the tongue and bumper. I foolishly tried all kinds of silver-like colors to find a match. There even is paint available from airstream that is $38 a can but I didn’t use that because of the excessive cost. In the end I read somewhere that the vintage airstream color was simply “silver.” I got regular silver metallic paint from my local hardware store and it looks great!  



Vintage Heretic

  As part of the improvements to the trailer, I installed a cork floor. I never really liked it. While exploring options on, I read about someone who installed carpet over the current floor. If it got dirty, they just took it out and cleaned it. The Bambi is so small (the interior floor is only 9′ long) that it was easy. I think it came out great! 

Shiny Tanks 


I was getting low on propane and I found out my tanks had the old connection on them (of course everything is old on the trailer). With the suggestion of Rachel Harp from Harps RV in Lincoln, CA , I got small tanks and shined them. I’m good for 12 years!

A Hot Time in the Airstream Tonight

The furnace smelled funny last time I took the trailer camping. The furnace is 60 years old so I removed it and checked for leaks. None were found, but a gasket was worn so I used some sealer, then put it all back together. Below are pictures of the Carlson 6m furnace to help those that want to do the same. Note the  “revolutionary” horizontal vent used for the first time on the bambi that saved a lot of space because airstream no longer needed a chimney to the top of the trailer. 

SeeIng red (numbers),

I put the red numbers 1143 on the front and back of the airstream yesterday. These are the membership numbers in the Wally Byam Caravan Club International (WBCCI). The numbers are used to identify trailers for a rally or caravan in which a lot of airstreams get together. Wally Byam was the founder of airstream and did rallies from the 1940’s. I have a book with all the numbers and the corresponding member.