Flange is Out!

I had to cut the edge of the flange and it is out. I pulled up the one piece fiberglass wet bath and now I will be able to pull the black tank and get to the subfloor. I got a surprise when I pulled the wet bath – the copper supply line to the shower was split. If I hadn’t pulled the wet bath, the first time the shower was turned on it would have leaked water all over!


Flange Frustration


I am having some frustration with a toilet flange. I have discovered the floor under the black tank is rotten. Unfortunately, I need to remove the toilet to get to the flange; remove the flange to get to the wet bath fiberglass; remove the fiberglass to get to the black tank; and remove the black tank to get to the rotten floor. The flange is meant to spin off but it is made out of cast iron and is rusted solid. It will be out by this weekend.

The Water Heater Dilemma

Water Heater on the Way Out

Water Heater on the Way Out

The water heater is out! The last time it was out of the Airstream was when it was installed over 50 years ago. I am still deciding if I will put it back in as the previous owner didn’t use it and said it leaked. I seamed to hold water, but it is old! I will need to continue working on it. Most people recommend replacing the heater at this point.

All Sealed Up

Seam without sealant

Seam without sealant

Seam has gray sealant

Seam has gray sealant

To stop the water leaking inside the trailer, I had to seal all the seams with an Airstream sealant. I cut out the old sealant, cleaned the seam with alcohol, beaded in the sealant, then cleaned the seams with mineral spirits. With rain coming today, I had to get it done quickly. It is raining, so we will see if it worked tomorrow.

Kitchen Out!

bambi kitchen

Original Cabinet

photo 1

Kitchen and Cabinets Out. Bowen water heater visible.

Today I removed all the cabinets in the kitchen area. I wish I didn’t have to, but that is the way it goes. I removed them because I can accomplish a lot by being able to access the area. I can replace the floor in the area, the water heater will be much easier to remove (I found the copper pipe that leaked causing the previous owner to disconnect the water heater), I can prop up the sagging bathroom floor, and I can inspect the frame. I will also be able to refinish a couple of cabinets in my garage instead of the trailer. More updates to follow!!

“It Doesn’t Leak”

We had crazy rain today. Loads and loads of rain coming down. I was going to pull the water heater and assess the toilet issue. Check the fridge and such, but, I thought I would check for leaks (the previous owner said it doesn’t leak, but it is given they all leak). The trailer is 50 years old so it is going to leak. Well, I found a leak – even two. I need to fix two leaks – one at a window and one at a door. I also need to get to the floor. So everything in the picture must go, and I will take the water heater out while I am at it.

bambi kitchen

“The List”

After looking through the Bambi, here is the list:

  • Fix the water heater
  • Fix the toilet
  • Remove a cabinet that was added
  • Apply epoxy to the fiberglass inside front cap
  • Touch up the inside paint
  • Buy and install curtains
  • Install a new floor
  • Check the fridge
  • Buy hubcaps
  • Install another exterior light
  • Clean the light covers
  • Fix the scratch on the side of the trailer
  • Strip the trailer
  • Polish the trailer
  • Clean, clean, clean