Floor Done (almost)!


The plywood is down. It has an epoxy top and edge coating in case some water gets to the plywood. The unique issue with airstreams is the need to attach the shell through the plywood into the frame. I still need to so palette this step but I need a partner to do it. Luckily, my dad is coming this week to finish the job.



The cabinet before removal


The way it looks now

The Bambi had a non-original cabinet installed to cover up some fiberglass damage. The fiberglass was damaged because the previous owner needed to make a hole inside to push out a dent in the outside skin. After much epoxy, filler, spackling, sanding, and matching paint (the original zolotone paint was painted over), it is back to original. I also reinstalled the lights the way they came from the factory.

Rustproofing the Frame


I rustproofed the frame with Rust Destroyer and will spray on a top coat of Rustoleum later this week. The rust was very minimal. I was very fortunate that there was little rust given the leaking. With the trailer sealed, this area won’t get wet again. Next is locating marine (the highest grade) plywood and prepping it with resin.

Down to the Frame.


OK. Entire floor from the goucho back is out. As I was removing wood the rot was more extensive than I thought, I also had to cut back to a rail even if the wood was good. I just need to apply rust protectant then I can start putting it back together. It seems the end is in sight and I can stop tearing things apart! I am going to buy marine grade plywood to be delivered next week. I just received the rest of the parts from vintage trailer supply!